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The CLUB / Knockdown Combo

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A slightly different way to knock down...

I always preferred using the handle end of a hammer to strike my knockdowns.  For years that has worked but I found myself wanting a way to keep up with both the hammer and the knockdown so they were always there. I did not like having to turn around to the cart to reach for the pair. 

I kept thinking of a carpenter and his hammer, they carry their hammer in a specific place where they can reach for it without ever looking, and it is always there.  Well, since we don't wear tool belts, I set out to find a way the I could carry the two tools that would work for a dent tech.

I tried a few different "holster" ideas that just did not work for what we do.  I also found that the head of the hammer just made it cumbersome to carry and if I was not going to use the head of the hammer for it's designed intention then why not just start from scratch and make a tool that would do what I needed it to do.

The Club was born.  The fact that it has no head makes it much easier to carry.  I most often carry it in my back pocket and it has no tendency to fall out or get stuck like a normal hammer.  I added holes that are sized to allow you store the knockdown so the pair exists as one.  This combo can stay in my back pocket or laid next to where I am working on a car and the two tools that I need are always there.  

As far as the design, it all has come from considerable trial and error.  Paddles seem to be popular now for some guys but I just never liked the flat feel.  I intentionally made both the Club and the top of the knockdown round.  The knockdown is fitted with a round rubber top that has a great feel and reduces the noise of the strike significantly.  The two round surfaces allow you to strike the knockdown at much more forgiving angle and level of accuracy than a flat to flat surface strike. 

I find that when I am in awkward positions that I don't have to be as precise with my hammer strike to get a straight drive to the knockdown.  The way the two round surfaces meet, it allows for a ton of flexibility in how you hold the Club and at what angle you strike at.