Dave Johnson's - DING BAT

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We are excited to bring you our first collaboration...

THE DING BAT aka THE CROWN KILLER has serious power to make quick work of those nasty crowns and highs.  Providing a weight and feel that is different than anything else, it certainly deserves a shot to earn its place on your tool cart.

Dave Johnson dreamed up the Ding Bat and after proving that it worked, he thought that other techs should have the chance to add it to their arsenal.  We are glad that he shared it with us, and has allowed us to be a part of making it available to you.

Dave was able to take an everyday item that everyone is familiar with and turn it into a useful PDR tool that has its own feel and advantages different than the industry norm.

From the research I have done, the baseball bat has been around since the late 1800s, but most of the variations that have come and gone seem to have one thing in common, that shape that everyone still knows today.  I can't help but think if it has stood the test of time for hitting a baseball, there must be something to it.  That general bat shape with the weight concentrated towards the end generates power...just what a baseball player is looking for.

Power is also what we sometimes look for in PDR.  The DING BAT, with that weight-forward design, generates a ton of metal moving power when you need it.  With the right tip you can move serious metal, but still maintain amazing feel.  The balance gives it a feel that is different than many of the other hammer solutions that are common to PDR.  

Taking advantage of the proven characteristics of the bat, Dave has provided you with a serious tool that will make repairs easier and quicker.