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Square Rod - 72"

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  • Regular price $250.00

  • NO SLIDING HANDLE INCLUDED - will accept sliding handle from any other 72" or 78" rod.
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio.  1.25" aluminum extrusion provides amazing strength in all directions while weighing in at only 4lbs 2oz.
  • Square profile maintains a 90 degree push to the panel requiring almost no grip pressure to stabilize the tip of the tool.  
    • There is a noticeable difference in fatigue because your arm and hand no longer have to stay tensed up, you can effectively work this rod with an open hand.
  • Variable tip angles provide a level of precision and accessibility that are unheard of for a bar with this power.  
    • Considering that most rods have a 90 degree tip angle, very rarely does leverage allow for a perfect 90 degree setup to the panel so the tool is on somewhat of an upward angle.  Because of that upward angle of the rod, the 90 degree tip is actually entering the panel at a negative angle or slightly pointed back to you.  
    • After much study, we have settled on tip angles that allow for much better attack angle into the panel than the typical 90 degrees found on most rods.  
    • The normal working sides of the tip are on a slight positive angle that keep the push as close to perpendicular to the panel as possible throughout normal leverage setups.
    • The opposing sides offer a positive and a negative 15 degree tip angle.  The positive 15 degrees puts the working tip past the end of the rod for reach into corners or up tight to braces.  The negative 15 degrees is for working the back side of a brace.