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Alcohol Bottle

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A new way to deal with your glue release alcohol!

  • Squeeze bottle has internal tube so it does not have to be inverted
  • Custom bottom cap with magnet for superior holding power
  • Precise control of output, just a drop or a full stream

I have been in search of a better way to deal with alcohol and I think I have found it.  I have been through every spray bottle and dropper bottle that I could get my hands on and I always been frustrated with those solutions.

I set out to find a bottle that was the right size, would stand up and not constantly fall over and one that would give me control over how much alcohol was used.

Well not all bottles are created equal...  I went through 13 different bottles, each of them having different sizes, shaped and feels.  Of course, in the end the most expensive bottle that I found was the one that did exactly what I wanted.

I then added a custom bottom cap and a rare earth magnet to complete the package.

The magnet is external to the bottle yet still covered to protect the surface of the car.  This allows for much stronger holding power.  Strong enough to hold the bottle upside down while full of alcohol.